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Harleman Manufacturing is an American Owned and Operated Manufacturer that is nestled in the heart of the Ozarks. Our humble beginnings came about as a result of Ron Harleman, our company president, deciding that it was insane to take hours or even days to dig a hole. See, the Harleman Farm was blessed with some of the hardest rock in Missouri. Ron decided that, "There must be a better way". He went to sleep that night absolutely obsessing over the problem of digging rock. As he slept, the design for the Harleman Auger came to him in a dream. Hence the "Best Auger In The World" was created. Now, holes can be dug in a fraction of the time. After many years and lots of naps, the auger has been perfected.

Ron just could not leave well enough alone. Not particularly caring for hours spent swinging an axe, he decided to approach the tree cutting issue with the same vigor, so he went to sleep. As a result, one of the most wicked tree saws on the market was created. With the Harleman Tree Saw, you can now sit in the comfort of air-conditioning and drop about 100 trees in 20 minutes or so.

Starting from a workshop on his farm, "Harleman Manufacturing" has since moved into a state of the art manufacturing plant, providing jobs for many people in an otherwise small farming community.

Fast forward to 2017 and Harleman not only continues building the best augers in the world but many other great products and attachments from the patented Vibratory Drill to Brush Cutters and more. A second business was opened, Harleman Global, which specializes in custom fabrication utilizing high end CNC machines such as a Plasma Cutter, Mill, Lathe, and more.

The Dream: "Making the best product and providing the best service".

Mission Statement

"Harleman Manufacturing", is an American company that is dedicated to the goal of producing "the best auger in the world", while maintaining high ethics, social responsibility and excellence in customer service. We believe in earning our profits by proving that American ingenuity and integrity are still at the forefront of industry and these honorable principles will be the catalyst that will move us steadily toward the position of industry leader.

Experts In

Augers (Large and Small), Extensions, Tree Saws (Skid Steer Mounted), Auger Teeth, Saw Teeth, Skid Steer Mounted Drives, Brush Cutters (Skid Steer Mounted), Vibratory Drills, Backhoes, Tree Pullers, Grapples, Wire Winders.


Great Prices, Qualified Sales Reps, Technical Support Just A Call Away, Shipping World Wide, Rebuilding of Worn Augers (any make).

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Our Story